World’s Inaugural Sex Championship to Commence in Sweden

  News     |      2023-06-07 09:39


Sweden has paved a new path, turning sex into a sport, by announcing the world's first Sex Championship set to launch on June 8, 2023. The championship features a three-stage tournament, requiring participants to accrue sufficient points for progression. Celebrating diversity, the competition invites individuals across the spectrum of sexual orientations and genders.

This groundbreaking move by Sweden not only acknowledges sex as a sport but also orchestrates the first-ever European Sex Championship. Spanning several weeks, participants are to partake in six-hour daily bouts. The event includes 16 distinct disciplines, with contestants evaluated by both public votes and a panel comprising five expert judges.

Championship Disciplines:

  • Seduction
  • Body massage techniques
  • Sensual stimulation of erogenous zones
  • Prelude
  • Oral sex
  • Penetration
  • Endurance
  • Appearance
  • Execution of sexual positions
  • Creative adaptations of sexual positions
  • Endurance and frequency of orgasms
  • Artistic execution and transition of positions
  • Cardiovascular activity during competition
  • Exhibition of unique and challenging positions
  • Artistic communicative forms
  • Couples' artistic proclivity and popularity among Karma experts, judges, and the audience

Andre Liu, founder of DINGFOO, conveyed his enthusiasm for the inaugural European Sex Championship. He noted: "Recent years have seen various industries succumbing to a revenue slump due to pandemic effects. Contrastingly, the sex toys industry has witnessed an upsurge. DINGFOO, the largest sex toys producer in Southeast China, has defied this trend, tripling sales over the past three years. We have observed a rising global demand for DINGFOO branded customization, manufacturing, and wholesale distribution. This surge in the adult products market reflects the 'self-pleasure' focus of the European Sex Championship."

Andre expressed eager anticipation for the competition and wished for its successful fruition. He further offered insightful suggestions for the European Sex Championship, suggesting that subsequent editions incorporate adult products into the disciplines. This move would not only add variety and amusement to the competition but also entice further participation from adult industry businesses, contributing continuous momentum to the European Sex Championship's evolution.

Dr. Dragun Blatich, President of the Swedish Federation of Sex, advocates for the transformation of sex into a sport as a beneficial promoter of physical and mental wellness. He underlined the significance of participants' training to achieve desired results. In this unique sport, pleasure assumes a crucial role, as the partners' satisfaction directly impacts the score. The Swedish Sex Federation recognizes sex as a sport necessitating creativity, intense emotions, imagination, physical fitness, endurance, and performance.

The championship will commence near Gothenburg, Sweden, on June 8, 2023, featuring participants from various European countries.