Do All Vibrations Feel The Same?

  Blog     |      2024-03-15 10:42


Vibrators are extremely popular sex toys. Have you ever wondered how these vibrations work on your body? Why do some toys feel different from others? Ever experienced numbness? Wondered about the impact of vibrator design?

Variations in Vibrators

Aside from the obvious features like shape, color, and material, vibrators have hidden qualities that affect their vibrations, namely their motors. Not all motors are the same in terms of performance. While speed is often compared, it's not the most useful metric. Among various characteristics, the frequency of a motor plays a crucial role in creating stimulating vibrations. Lower vibrations tend to offer a more fulfilling sensation.

Quality Over Quantity in Vibrations

Choosing a vibrator can be confusing. One misleading aspect is the intensity of the vibration. Many focus on speed (measured in rpm), but what truly matters is how much the vibration penetrates the body.

In reality, sheer strength or speed isn't as crucial as the depth of penetration. Superficially strong vibrations often lead to numbness or irritation.

However, deep and sufficiently strong vibrations reach various nerve depths, resulting in a more satisfying sensation.

The body has specific nerve endings for vibrations

The body has specialized receptors for various sensations like pressure, temperature, movement, and vibrations. Genital areas, especially the clitoris, have specific mechanoreceptors.

90% of the clitoris' nerve endings are internal

The clitoris holds a wealth of nerve endings, with most (90% of 8000) located deep inside the body. To stimulate these nerves effectively, vibrations should be deep and low-frequency rather than superficial and high-frequency.

Stimulating the G-Spot requires both vibrations and pressure

Many users find that stimulating the G-Spot doesn't necessarily require vibrations. Instead, they often use a curved dildo along with a clitoral stimulator. Additionally, they note that vibrations are less noticeable during internal stimulation compared to external stimulation.

High frequency vibrations lead to an "escalation of force"

One common complaint about vibrations is their diminishing impact over time.

This occurs because high-frequency vibrations, often linked with high speeds, can overstimulate nerves, resulting in a numbing sensation.

To counter this, many opt for more powerful vibrators, transitioning from discreet, compact models to larger massage wands with AC plugs.

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