Exploring Anal Toys: A Beginner's Guide

  TIPS     |      2023-12-25 16:29

Anal toys, also known as butt toys, are pleasure products commonly used for anal play, involving the butt. With numerous nerve-endings in and around the anus, various forms of stimulation like penetration, vibration, can offer intense pleasure to some. Knowing how to use anal toys properly enhances the overall experience.

How to Use an Anal Toy

If you're new to using anal toys, consider these steps:

1. Identify Your Butt Toy Type

Butt toys generally fall into four categories, each serving a different purpose. The way you use an anal toy depends on its type.

  • Butt plugs: Tapered with a handle, available in various styles.
  • Anal beads: A row of beads for a sense of fullness and stimulation.
  • Vibrating plugs: Vibrate and massage the rectum and prostate.
  • Dildos: Not exclusively for anal play, but commonly used for it.

2. Apply Lubricant

The anus doesn't self-lubricate, so use ample water-based lubricant, compatible with most sex toy materials.

3. Start Small

For beginners, begin with smaller toys and consider anal training kits with varying sizes to find what suits you.

4. Check for Safety Features

Ensure your anal toy has built-in safeguards like stoppers and flared bases to prevent getting stuck. Check for tapered tips, waterproofness, and travel safety features.

5. Clean the Toy Before Use

Clean your butt toys before the first use and between uses, especially if made of non-porous materials like silicon, glass, or hard plastic.

6. Get Turned On to Relax Muscles

Relax your muscles by getting turned on through self-play, watching porn, or letting a partner arouse you before anal play.

7. Experiment with a Finger First

Explore what feels good by gently tracing the rim and gradually inserting a lubed-up finger into your rectum, varying speeds and motions.

8. Test the Toy's Vibrations

If the toy has varying vibration patterns and intensities, familiarize yourself with them before placing the toy near your anus.

9. Don't Go Straight for Penetration

Move the toy around your anus in gentle circular motions before penetration. Feel the material and temperature, especially with toys like glass for light temperature play.

10. Ease the Toy Inside Gradually

Slowly move the toy over the rectum's surface, applying light pressure for penetration. Experiment with butt plugs, dildos, or anal beads, ensuring thorough lubrication.

11. Gradually Size Up Toys

If you enjoy a fuller feeling, gradually work your way up to larger toys, experimenting with different shapes and sizes to find what feels good for you.

3 Tips for Heightening Pleasure with Anal Toys

Now that you've learned how to use anal toys, enhance your experience with these additional tips.

1. Indulge in an Epsom Salt Bath

Relax your muscles and ease your mind by soaking in a classic Epsom salt bath before engaging in anal play.

2. Explore Angles and Speeds

Experiment with adjustable or flexible anal toys to target specific areas, such as the prostate. When using a butt plug or dildo, vary speeds and motions—try gentle circular or spiral movements for added sensation.

3. Aim for a Blended Orgasm

Experience blended orgasms by simultaneously using a butt toy while manually stimulating your penis or clitoris. This combination of different erogenous zones can lead to multiple sensations at once.

Using Butt Toys with a Partner

While butt toys are fantastic for solo play, incorporating them into shared experiences with a partner adds a new dimension of pleasure.

Include a Toy During Oral or Penetrative Sex

Enhance pleasure by exploring butt play alongside oral sex or penetration. Removing the toy right at climax can intensify orgasms.

Explore a Touch of Kink

Opt for a butt plug with a tail and have your partner wear it, perhaps crawling around or even being led on a leash. Wearing a butt plug in public, especially a vibrating one, can be a sexy secret for both you and your partner.

Add Some Power Play

In partnerships where traditional intercourse is common, using a butt toy can be a playful way to switch roles and place the typically submissive partner in a dominant position.

Positions to try using a butt toy

Discovering the ideal positions for using butt toys can enhance comfort and pleasure. Here are some sex positions to consider:


For anal play with toys designed for insertion and removal, missionary positions work well. The giver (on their knees) can use a strap-on dildo, standard dildo, or anal beads to penetrate the receiver (lying on their back with legs open and knees slightly bent).

On-Your-Back Oral

In this position, the receiver lies on their back with knees bent toward their chest, fully exposing their anus. The partner can insert an anal toy, such as a butt plug, before engaging in oral sex.


While various anal sex positions suit butt toys, the piledriver is an advanced option with full exposure. The receiver lies on their back, legs in the air and extended over their head. This provides easy access for the giver, who can perform a rimjob, then lubricate the receiver's anus and slowly insert a butt plug or anal beads. If the receiver has a vulva, double penetration is also possible.

Pair butt toys with:

1. Lube

Choose silicon- or hybrid-based lubricants for anal play, as they work better than water- or oil-based lubes. Specially formulated anal play lubes have unique properties that enhance pleasure, promoting relaxation and elasticity.

2. Toy Cleaning Spray

Regularly clean butt toys between and after uses to prolong their lifespan and minimize the risk of spreading bacteria, including sexually transmitted infections.

3. Harness and Dildo

While not exclusively for anal play, a strap-on can be an excellent tool for exploring anal penetration, particularly if you're interested in trying pegging.

The Bottom Line

Once you become comfortable with using butt toys, you may discover a newfound love for the experience, prompting you to explore additional options. There are various types of anal toys available, each offering different forms of stimulation.