10 Crucial Tips for Traveling with Your Sex Toys

  TIPS     |      2023-12-29 17:23


Enjoy taking your sex toys on your travels but worried about airport security? No need to stress—bringing your adult toys when traveling abroad is completely normal.

As per a study by Expedia, travel can actually boost your sex drive. So, if you're traveling with a partner, you might be in for some intimate moments. And if you're flying solo, there's nothing like some sex toys for a bit of self-care and pleasure.

Moreover, you never know when the "call of pleasure" will strike. Might as well bring those delightful toys, right?

But we understand it's not always straightforward. Figuring out how to pack and travel with your toys can be a challenge. Don't worry; we've got your back! Here's a guide on how to safely travel with your sex toys and enhance your trip even more!

1 Stick to small toys or not-so-obvious ones. 

Picture the awkwardness if an airport officer suddenly reveals an 8-inch realistic dildo from your suitcase. While it's allowed, as per the TSA What Can I Bring Guide, it's best to avoid such situations. Choose toys that are small and discreet. When traveling, the mantra is "pack light," and the same goes for sex toys. Stick to compact yet powerful options that fit in the palm of your hand, or even smaller. Opt for toys that don't resemble genitals to stay low-key.

2 Opt for USB-Rechargeable Toys

When traveling abroad, keep in mind that countries have different plugs and voltages. Using plug-in sex toys requires adapters and converters, or you can simplify things by choosing USB-rechargeable toys. With these, charging becomes hassle-free, as you can easily plug them into your laptop.

3 Explore App-Connected Sex Toys

If your partner isn't joining you on the trip, don't fret—you can still enjoy some naughty fun even when apart. Engage in steamy phone or cybersex with the help of app-connected sex toys. Certain vibrators come with a built-in app, allowing your partner to send custom vibrations from anywhere in the world.

4 Remove or Drain Batteries Before Packing

Avoid any raised eyebrows from airport officers due to mysterious vibrations in your luggage. When traveling with a sex toy, flying under the radar is key. To prevent any unwanted attention, remove the batteries before you fly. Pack them separately from your toy, ensuring you don't forget them and end up with a lifeless toy on your vacation. If you have a rechargeable toy, consider using it every night before the trip for a thrilling adventure.

5 Use a Clear Plastic Bag

In case airport screeners need to inspect your bag, place your toys in a transparent plastic bag or container. This ensures your toys are easily visible, minimizing the need for unnecessary touching. For hygiene purposes, making it easily visible is a smart move—you never know where those hands have been.

6 Don't Forget Lube and Sex Toy Cleaner

If you're bringing vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, or any insertable sex toys, having lube on hand is essential. Ensure the lube is compatible with your sex toy to avoid any damage. As for the sex toy cleaner, choose one that suits your specific toy. While optional, using condoms with penetrative toys is a good practice.

Before packing these essentials, check the airline's rules to ensure compliance. Follow the 3-ounces rule—ensure it's 100 milliliters/3.4 ounces or less to avoid any potential issues. Anything exceeding this limit may be confiscated or disposed of.

7 Don't Forget Condoms

Whether you're with a partner or not, ensure you pack an ample supply of your preferred condoms. Picture getting all heated up, only to have your night spoiled by a lack of condoms. While you can always purchase some at a convenience store, your preferred brands might not be available. Also, condoms can be used on your sex toys for easier cleanup.

8 Stay Cool and Own It

If it's your first time traveling with a sex toy, don't act all fidgety. Airport staff are trained to spot suspicious behavior, and you haven't done anything wrong. You just have a vibrator in your bag, not a dead body! Keep your cool and stay calm. Remember, you're not the first person to travel with a sex toy, so there's no need to act like you're carrying something illicit. In the worst-case scenario of a bag search, be honest. You have a vibrator—it's not a crime to desire an orgasm. Traveling with a sex toy signifies comfort with your sexuality and self-expression. Be confident and own it to avoid unnecessary scrutiny.

9 Pack Toys in Check-In Luggage

If you have check-in luggage, it's the preferred option. Checking in your luggage is the best way to pack your sex toys. This means that even if your bag undergoes a check, you won't have to deal with it in public. If you don't have check-in luggage or you have a valuable toy you don't want to risk, it's okay to include them in your carry-on. Just be prepared to answer questions if security raises any. Given a choice, keep it in your check-in luggage for a smoother travel experience. Take care with cords, as they can be fragile. Remember to place your toys in clear plastic on top of your clothes to avoid unnecessary suitcase rearranging by screeners.

Check if Sex Toys Are Permitted at Your Destination

Sexual customs differ worldwide. While you may hold liberal beliefs, other countries may not share your perspective. Avoid potential fines or having your toys confiscated by researching the regulations at your destination. Some countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia, and certain Islamic nations, prohibit the entry of sex toys. Conduct thorough research in advance to mitigate the risk of your sex toy being confiscated or facing legal consequences.


Despite societal attitudes, owning sex toys is perfectly acceptable. While you can take measures to stay discreet and keep your toys private, the reality is that they might be discovered. Regardless of your efforts, people may still find out about the sex toys in your luggage.

The best approach to avoid embarrassment is not to let it affect you! Sex is a natural part of life, and desiring pleasure while on a trip is not a crime. In the unfortunate event of luggage detention or a bag search, remain calm and composed. Don't panic. If you encounter unprofessional conduct, contact your local embassy and file a formal complaint. Remember: You have rights, and you shouldn't face harassment simply for wanting to enjoy yourself with a sex toy.