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Furthermore, Dingfoo primarily offers custom development and production of sex toys for clients. Clients can choose to customize production based on existing product models. If you have brand-new design requirements for sex toys, please contact us. Our design team would be more than happy to design a plan for you.

Defining Kegel Balls

Colloquially known as Ben Wa or Geisha balls, Kegel balls represent small, weighted apparatuses specifically designed for vaginal insertion. These balls primarily perform two functions: the provision of sexual stimulation and the enhancement of pelvic floor muscle strength.

Associated Products

Among the range of products that can be paired with Kegel balls, lubricants emerge as the most crucial. Lubricants, particularly those that are water-based, contribute significantly to a smoother and more comfortable insertion and removal process, given the specific nature of Kegel balls' utilization. Cleaners for sex toys, falling under the umbrella of hygiene-related products, also play a significant role in maintaining the cleanliness and extending the lifespan of Kegel balls.

Manufacturing Process

The process involved in the production of Kegel balls requires considerable precision in design and manufacturing. The initial stages necessitate a well-thought-out product design that aligns with standards of comfort and functionality. The factory receives this design as a precursor to the commencement of the manufacturing process.

Materials Used

Silicone, recognized for its body-safe properties, features as the predominant material utilized for Kegel balls. The choice of silicone is attributable to its hypoallergenic nature, durability, and easy cleaning process. Nevertheless, materials such as glass or metal may also be employed, offering users varying sensations and experiences.

Dingfoo Manufacturing Procedures

Known for its leadership in the adult toy industry, Dingfoo Manufacturing employs a unique process for the creation of Kegel balls. The process starts with molding the chosen material into the preferred shape. Each product, following the molding process, is subjected to rigorous quality control protocols. This is done to ascertain that every item aligns with Dingfoo's stringent safety and durability standards.

Instructions for Use

The use of Kegel balls involves several critical steps. Cleaning them with mild soap or a specific toy cleaner is a necessary prerequisite. Following cleaning, lubrication of the balls and the vagina is recommended before their gentle insertion. Once positioned correctly, users can engage in Kegel exercises, which include pelvic muscle contractions and relaxations. These exercises not only augment sexual pleasure but also fortify the pelvic floor. Post-use, cleaning and storage of Kegel balls in a sanitary, dry environment are imperative.

Concluding Remarks

In summary, the dual purpose of health and pleasure provided by Kegel balls makes them an invaluable addition to the sphere of sex toys. A comprehensive understanding of their make-up, production, and appropriate usage can bolster the user experience and contribute positively to pelvic health.