No, in fact, Dingfoo is a sex toys factory that designs and produces custom sex  toys. It's essentially a sex toy factory. All the products displayed represent what Dingfoo has designed and manufactured over the past 13 years, but not all of them are in current production. If you wish to order wholesale sex toys based on current inventory, please contact our sales engineers to obtain the latest stock information.

Furthermore, Dingfoo primarily offers custom development and production of sex toys for clients. Clients can choose to customize production based on existing product models. If you have brand-new design requirements for sex toys, please contact us. Our design team would be more than happy to design a plan for you.

These products are often ordered in bulk by our customers, so our factory maintains continuous production and a substantial inventory.

Every year, DINGFOO designs and develops nearly 100 new products. There are two ways to get our latest products. One is to contact our sales engineers. The other is to register as a member of our website (subject to review), where you can check on the development status of new products.

After leaving a message on the website, please pay attention to receive or answer the emails and phone calls replied by DINGFOO's sales engineers.