No, in fact, Dingfoo is a sex toys factory that designs and produces custom sex  toys. It's essentially a sex toy factory. All the products displayed represent what Dingfoo has designed and manufactured over the past 13 years, but not all of them are in current production. If you wish to order wholesale sex toys based on current inventory, please contact our sales engineers to obtain the latest stock information.

Furthermore, Dingfoo primarily offers custom development and production of sex toys for clients. Clients can choose to customize production based on existing product models. If you have brand-new design requirements for sex toys, please contact us. Our design team would be more than happy to design a plan for you.

Buying Wholesale Vibrators

The sex toy industry is witnessing rapid growth with each passing quarter, and businesses all over the world are expanding their operations to cater to this ever-growing demand. While the subject of sex was considered taboo by many, societal norms are transforming as we speak, and this has enabled people to come out with their fantasies and desires like never before to capitalize on this tide, businesses operating in this industry must be equipped with the widest range of top-notch sex toys.



Dingfoo is a reputed Chinese manufacturer of quality sex toys that are designed to satisfy our carnal desires like nothing else out there, and wholesale vibrators play a crucial role in our overall portfolios. We craft a wide variety of vibrators that are designed to perfection. Here, we will be taking a quick look at some of the wholesale vibrators that you can source from us.


Clitoral Vibrators

As we are already aware of the manner in which vibrators are commonly used, one of the commonest forms of vibrators that are available on the market is the clitoral vibrator. Studies have exhibited that most females don’t receive ultimate pleasure from sex alone, no matter how good it may be, but clitoral stimulation can do the trick for most out there. The clitoral vibrator is designed specifically to target this pleasure spot in the best way possible. Dingfoo stocks a wide range of clitoral and targeted vibrators, so if you want a pink vibrator for your store, you can get so from us.


Massaging Wands

One of the most common forms of vibrators out there is the massaging wand, and they are designed to cater to a wide variety of tastes and preferences. Masking itself as a neck massage wand for quite some time now, its cover was effectively blown on TV, and people increasingly started adopting these magical toys. They can be used to stimulate a wide range of difficult spots. Dingfoo stocks some of the best massaging wands there are, so take your pick today.


Rabbit Vibrators

If you are looking for the perfect penetration style vibrators for your clients, you just cannot afford to ignore the rabbit vibrators. They have a lengthy main arm that can be used to penetrate the vagina, while the smaller extension is designed to stimulate the clitoris. This blended orgasm would take anyone places where they haven’t been before, and these can be obtained in a wide range of designs and configurations. Dingfoo stocks a wide variety of rabbit vibrators that are designed to deliver the ultimate comfort and pleasure, while being pretty durable as well.


Wearable Vibrators

Want to add a dash of vibration stimulation to your foreplay? Well, wearable vibrators are meant to do just that. These can be sourced in a wide range of configurations, and certain models are designed to perform specific functions as well. A finger vibrator can help convert a hard erection into a vibrating one, while a vibrating strap on can prove to be a ubiquitous part of couple or group plays like never before.


Suction Vibrators

Fancy a session of intense oral sex? Suction vibrators are designed to mimic the action of a lip or tongue that’s caressing the vagina in more ways than one. They use a pulse of air that brings about the sensations, and the clitoris is highly excited by what it does, but the difference lies in the fact that the sensation can be quite different from the one that’s generated by regular vibrators.


Why Choose Dingfoo Vibrators?

Designing and creating the perfect vibrator isn’t easy, and many factors need to be catered to while creating these amazing toys. Dingfoo is a Chinese sex toy manufacturer that possesses an extensive experience in this field. We invest heavily in researching and creating the perfect wholesale vibrators there are, and each unit is tested to ensure quality. If you are looking for sex toys and vibrators for your business, Dingfoo is the one for you.We supply our products Globally such as USA (United states of america), Canada, Australia etc. Get in touch today.