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Vibrating & Rotating Stimulator

Vibrating & Rotating Stimulator

Nose Clip Oral Sex Stimulator

Nose Clip Oral Sex Stimulator

Three Vibrating Beads Stimulator

The Three Vibrating Beads Stimulator offers versatile and pleasurable experiences. It can be used to massage the breasts, enhancing sensations. You can insert one bead anally for focused stimulation or hold all three beads to explore different pleasure points. For additional excitement, use a single bead on sensitive areas to explore oral sensations. For a unique experience, place the beads on a stool and flip over, discovering new ways to enjoy this innovative product.

Custom order only

Introducing our latest sex toy crafted with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques such as liquid silicone fully automatic coating and double-coated production technology. Designed and produced by Dingfoo, this product boasts several remarkable features:

Unique Features:

  • Experience tingling and strong sensation with 3-bead vibration.
  • Single-button intelligent control for easy operation.
  • Ultra-quiet with noise reduction processing.
  • Multiple play options for maximum enjoyment.
  • Crafted from food-grade silicone for a soft, skin-friendly feel.
  • Compact and portable design featuring an exterior patented design.

For optimal pleasure, consider these tips:

  • Massage the breasts.
  • Enhance pleasure by inserting one bead anally or hold three beads for versatile stimulation.
  • Use one bead on sensitive areas, exploring oral sensations.
  • Place on a stool and flip over for a unique experience.

This product supports wholesale, OEM, and ODM customization services.

Function: 10 vibration patterns
Material: silicone, ABS
Charging Method: DC charging
Charging Time: ≤90min
Battery Life: ≥60min
Battery Capacity: 300mAh
Waterproof Rating: IPX7
Noise Level: ≤50dB
Package Details
Product Net Weight: 80g
Product Gross Weight: 167g
Product Size: 60*58*50mm
Package Size: 65*80*82mm
Carton Size: 500*320*320mm
Units per Carton: 90
Carton Gross Weight: 12.85kg
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Dingfoo Sex Toy Factory Production Technology and Monthly Output
Technology Type Product Category Monthly Output
Liquid Silicone Spraying Technology Female Vibrators ≈500,000 units/month
Liquid Silicone Spraying Technology Others ≈800,000 units/month
Liquid Silicone Double Coating Technology Female Vibrators ≈300,000 units/month
Liquid Silicone Double Coating Technology Others ≈500,000 units/month