Ultrastrong Unicorn Vibrator Sex Toy

Ultrastrong Unicorn Vibrator Sex Toy

Penis Extension Stimulator

Penis Extension Stimulator

Three-bead Sucking Massager

The Suction Stimulator With Three Vibrating Beads can give you different feelings. You can put different numbers of beads into the vagina for various vibrations. Use the suction head to stimulate the clitoris and nipples. Insert the beads into the vagina, use the suction on the clitoris, and feel the ultimate climax. Let the beads slide over the body for a tingling sensation.

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This sex toy is from Dingfoo sex toys factory. Dingfoo factory uses liquid silicone fully automatic coating technology. They master liquid silicone spraying and double-layer spraying.


  • Insert different numbers of balls into the vagina as needed to experience different vibration sensations
  • The sucker sucks the vulva and nipples
  • The balls enter into the vagina, sucker sucks the C-spot, and feels the ultimate orgasm
  • Grasp the balls to move around and slide the whole body, feeling the numbing touch

This sex toy is designed, manufactured, and produced by Dingfoo factory, providing OEM/ODM solutions for brand customers.


Material silicone, ABS
Function 10 suction patterns, 10 vibration patterns
Charging Method magnetic charging
Charging Time ≤120min
Battery Life ≥40min
Battery Capacity 110mAh
Waterproof Rating IPX7
Noise Level ≤50dB

Package Details

Product Net Weight 99g(L)
Product Gross Weight
Product Size 160*96*39mm
Package Size 161*113*47.5mm
Carton Size
Units per Carton
Carton Gross Weight
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Dingfoo Sex Toy Factory Production Technology and Monthly Output
Technology Type Product Category Monthly Output
Liquid Silicone Spraying Technology Female Vibrators ≈500,000 units/month
Liquid Silicone Spraying Technology Others ≈800,000 units/month
Liquid Silicone Double Coating Technology Female Vibrators ≈300,000 units/month
Liquid Silicone Double Coating Technology Others ≈500,000 units/month