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2 in 1 Vibrator With Magnetic Attach

2 in 1 Vibrator With Magnetic Attach

Egg Vibrator

Egg Vibrator

Simulated Oral Sex Instant Wet Oral Sex Toy

This product is designed to help you achieve climax through licking, offering a unique and pleasurable experience. Its powerful tongue teasing provides enhanced stimulation for maximum satisfaction. With an agile tongue that's elastic and swirling, it delivers dynamic sensations. You can pleasure your whole body with just a gentle press, thanks to its versatile design. Featuring strong power and dynamic swinging, it ensures intense stimulation. Plus, it alternates between tension and relaxation for added enjoyment. It offers 10-frequency vibration settings with 5 vibration modes and 3 speeds, allowing you to customize your experience. Made from silicone, ABS, and alloy materials, it's safe and durable. Charging is easy with magnetic charging, and it takes less than 90 minutes to fully charge. With a battery life of over 30 minutes and a 500mAh battery capacity, it provides long-lasting enjoyment. With an IPX7 waterproof rating, you can use it in the shower or bath without worry. And with a noise level of ≤60dB, it operates quietly for discreet pleasure.

This product is designed, manufactured, and produced by Dingfoo, providing OEM/ODM solutions for brand customers.

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Simulated Mouth Suction and Tongue Vibrations

DF922, a newly developed sex toy designed by Dingfoo's toy manufacturing factory in 2023, replicates human mouth suction and licking movements. Engineered to match the perfect pleasure nodes of the human body, it provides the desired sensations of suction and licking. If you crave an exhilarating experience of mouth suction and licking pleasure, this soft and plush toy is your best choice.



Multiple Mouth Suction and Tongue Vibration Modes

DF922 features 3 speeds + 5-frequency suction modes for the mouth and 3 speeds + 7-frequency vibration modes for the tongue. You can easily switch between these modes, adjusting to find the pattern that leads you to maximum sexual climax.



IPX7 Waterproof and Quiet Operation

This sex toy uses magnetic charging, making it IPX7 waterproof. You'll love this feature as it allows you to use the toy in any environment, including the shower or bath. It is also compatible with lubricants, ensuring worry-free use without concerns about damage. Additionally, its quiet operation ensures discreet and private enjoyment.



Variety of Colors, Customizable

As a sex toy factory with 13 years of experience, Dingfoo is a leading sex toys manufacturer in China, specializing in oral sex toys. Offering OEM and ODM services, Dingfoo can customize the toy for customers with different colors, logos, and appearance designs. Services include wholesale, distribution of sex toys, and more.



Function 8 vibrating suction patterns, 10 licking patterns
Material silicone, ABS, metal
Charging Method magnetic charging
Charging Time ≤90min
Battery Life ≥30min
Battery Capacity 500mAh
Waterproof Rating IPX7
Noise Level ≤60dB

Package Details

Product Net Weight 215g
Product Gross Weight 295g
Product Size 65*65*145mm
Package Size 163*85*67mm
Carton Size 500*320*320mm
Units per Carton 48PCS
Carton Gross Weight 15kg
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Liquid Silicone Spraying Technology Female Vibrators ≈500,000 units/month
Liquid Silicone Spraying Technology Others ≈800,000 units/month
Liquid Silicone Double Coating Technology Female Vibrators ≈300,000 units/month
Liquid Silicone Double Coating Technology Others ≈500,000 units/month