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Pubic Orgasm Egg Vibrator

Pubic Orgasm Egg Vibrator

Fishtail Clitoral Stimulator

Fishtail Clitoral Stimulator

Little Lotus Clitoral Stimulator

The Little Lotus Clitoral Stimulator offers a versatile range of sensations, including vaginal penetration with vibration, nipple vibration, external genital vibration, and perineum vibration. Each feature is designed to enhance pleasure and provide a satisfying experience.

Custom order only

This adult toy, designed and manufactured by Dingfoo, uses the latest liquid silicone fully automatic coating and double-coated production technology.

Unique Features:

  • Instant climax with one touch
  • Collective ultrasonic waves

Pleasure Tips:

  • Vaginal penetration with vibration
  • Nipple vibration
  • External genital vibration
  • Perineum vibration

This sex toy is designed, manufactured, and produced by Dingfoo factory, offering OEM/ODM solutions for brand customers.

Function 5 vibration patterns
Material silicone, ABS
Charging Method DC charging
Charging Time ≤120min
Battery Life ≥90min
Battery Capacity 150mAh
Waterproof Rating IPX6
Noise Level ≤50dB

Package Details
Product Net Weight 58g
Product Gross Weight 76g
Product Size 30*25.2*180mm
Package Size 186.5*35*35mm
Carton Size 500*320*320mm
Units per Carton 212PCS
Carton Gross Weight 16.7kg
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Dingfoo Sex Toy Factory Production Technology and Monthly Output
Technology Type Product Category Monthly Output
Liquid Silicone Spraying Technology Female Vibrators ≈500,000 units/month
Liquid Silicone Spraying Technology Others ≈800,000 units/month
Liquid Silicone Double Coating Technology Female Vibrators ≈300,000 units/month
Liquid Silicone Double Coating Technology Others ≈500,000 units/month