Dingfoo Products Garner Special Coverage by AVN AEE Organizers Ahead of Upcoming Exhibition

  Exhibition     |      2024-01-12 17:42

Las Vegas, United States – January 12, 2024 – Dingfoo, a leading innovator in the industry, is set to showcase its latest products at the upcoming AVN AEE exhibition scheduled to take place from January 24th to 27th, 2024 in Las Vegas, United States. 

Being one of the most anticipated exhibitors at this year's AVN AEE, Dingfoo promises to present a diverse array of over a dozen groundbreaking sex toys. The special coverage on the AVN website highlights Dingfoo's participation in the exhibition and provides insights into the innovative products set to be unveiled, generating considerable interest within the industry.


Dingfoo aims to engage attendees by sharing the stories behind its innovative manufacturing processes, explaining the principles underlying the new products, and demonstrating their practical applications. The sales and operations team at Dingfoo extends a warm invitation to industry professionals, encouraging them to visit the exhibition and experience firsthand the cutting-edge products that Dingfoo has to offer.

In anticipation of the exhibition, Dingfoo's sales team encourages interested parties to reach out for convenient arrangements related to ticket purchases and complimentary sample giveaways during the event. This proactive approach ensures that attendees can make the most out of their AVN AEE experience with Dingfoo.

For more information about Dingfoo and its participation in the AVN AEE exhibition, please contact us.