Ceramic Dildos: My Review of the Deeper Blue Ceramic Dildo

  Tips     |      2023-04-12 16:22


Today, I want to discuss ceramic dildos, specifically the ceramic dildo gifted to me by Deeper Blue Ceramics. In my previous articles on sex toy materials, I have alluded to less common materials like ceramic. The primary issue was that I hadn't found a manufacturer that aligned with my values, specifically regarding body-safe materials and ethical manufacturing. That all changed when I was introduced to the fabulous creations made by this local company. Today, I am going to give you my full report on my experience with this ceramic dildo.

Isn't ceramic porous?

The most common material you see in sex toys is silicone. That's because, when held to specific manufacturing standards, it can be totally non-porous. However, this fabulous new dildo I was gifted is made of ceramic, and it is also non-porous.

Yes, ceramics are famous for being porous, but there is an exception to every rule. Many types of ceramic are porous, but ceramics can also be treated with a food-grade glaze to make them non-porous. Consider the ceramic coffee cup you're drinking from, the plate you're eating off of, or the vase full of water sitting beside you. These types of ceramics have all been treated with a food-grade glaze, making them safe to use over and over again.

Using non-porous materials is recommended for many reasons, such as their lower likelihood of deteriorating over time, the fact that pores are where harmful bacteria, viruses, and fluids can hide, and that non-porous toys can be completely sanitized, making them safe to share with other partners after being thoroughly cleaned.

Therefore, this ceramic dildo is safe to use on and in your body, and I highly recommend it.

The Deeper Blue ceramic dildo: Care, Maintenance, and Quality


Deeper Blue is a brand that prides itself on quality, care, and sustainability. Each of their hand-made ceramic dildos is treated with a food-grade glaze, twice fired in their kiln, and designed to provide a unique addition to your sex toy collection. Though not my personal aesthetic, I can attest to the care and attention to detail put into each piece.

The process of creating these ceramic dildos is similar to that of creating pottery, with each piece shaped by hand on an actual pottery wheel. After shaping, it is treated with a food-grade glaze to make the surface non-porous, then fired twice to ensure it is body-safe. The small team of creators ensures that sustainability is a key part of the creation process.

These ceramic dildos are compatible with all types of lubricants, making them even more convenient to use. However, they require proper care and storage to maintain their quality and ensure they last a long time. Treat them like your grandmother's vase, delicate but strong. Rinse with warm (not hot) water and a little hand or dish soap, or even put it in the dishwasher. Keep it dry during storage, avoid knocking it into hard surfaces, and avoid use if you notice any sharp edges, as ceramic can still break.


My Thoughts on the Deeper Blue Ceramic Dildo: Packaging and Shipping

As someone who is skeptical of most sex toys, I was initially hesitant when researching ceramic dildos. However, after seeing the beautiful and functional pieces from Deeper Blue at Sydney Sexpo 2022, I was immediately intrigued.

When my locally shipped package arrived in just a few days, I was thrilled. The toy was packaged in a nondescript cardboard box marked "fragile" and was wrapped in additional cardboard to ensure its safe arrival. Along with the carefully packaged dildo, there were some pleasant surprises. A "Care Details" card gave instructions on how to ensure the toy lasts a lifetime, a square card discussed the company's environmental focus, and an "About Us" card told the company's story and why their products are fantastic. The handwritten note from Amy added a personal touch that I absolutely adored.


The Dildo Itself

My newest friend, Claus, was peeking out of its cardboard wrapping. Claus is a hearty dildo measuring about 6.5 inches from root to tip. There's a stamp from Deeper Blue on the unfinished flared base (making it safe for anal!) reminding me that a real person created this with their own hands. I absolutely love that. The ceramic dildo isn't completely smooth like a ribbed condom, but it has a texture to the surface. This texture may not seem important to the untrained eye, but it is an incredibly thoughtful touch. When a dildo with this type of texture is inserted, it helps stimulate the V-spot, and alternatively, it can stimulate the anal opening during backdoor play. Like a traditional-looking penis, Claus has a bulbous head and a shiny glaze. As I write this, I'm staring at my reflection in Claus, who is quite sturdy and has a comfortable weight. In fact, I could use it for self-defense in a moment of panic!

Actual Use of the Ceramic Dildo


To be honest, I delayed using this internally for a while because I generally don't use insertable toys during solo sex. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this toy, especially when paired with my favorite Agape lube by Jo. Insertion was not only comfortable, but dare I say, delightful! I didn't experience any pube interference that I was anticipating. What distinguishes this ceramic dildo from others is the hardness of the dildo itself. Generally, silicone is pretty firm, but composites, made to feel realistic, are quite bendy. The hardness of Claus allowed for precise control over where I was pressing, making it an ideal dildo for targeted G-spot and A-spot pleasure. The ridges made for excellent V-spot stimulation as well. When paired with a water-based lube, it slid in and out much more quickly than many silicone-based counterparts.

Even for external use, Claus was great! Vulva massage is often ignored or not even considered a foreplay option. But for external vulva massage in the lead-up to penetration, I would give Claus an 8/10, just because you know your girl loves vibrations! In the future, I would also try to pair this toy with a vibrating cock ring to get the best of all worlds. The only slight criticism I have is the same for many sex toys: where's the handle? Yes, I'm lazy, but most people are. I think including a handle of some kind could be great for future products. But again, I love Claus for exactly who he is already.


Bonus Use: Relief for Arthritis Pain

I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, and pressing firmly on pressure points in my hands and feet is one of the few things that brings me relief from pain. Using this dildo as a massage tool has been a game-changer.

I know it's not the intended use, but please refrain from judgment. It works wonders on hands and feet, as well as along the back. Rubbing Claus along my shoulder blades and neck has brought excellent relief to both me and my partner.

If you suffer from any pain or knots in your back, it's definitely worth adding this to your cart.



I would highly recommend this dildo for anyone who:

Enjoys internal sensations during masturbation

Suffers from pain issues or rheumatoid arthritis

Wants a unique centerpiece for their sex toy collection

Since only a minority of women experience internal orgasms, Claus is also an excellent option for containment during penetration. Combining it with simultaneous clitoral stimulation using either a vibrator or vibrating cock ring creates a truly high-grade masturbation experience.

Special thanks to Deeper Blue Ceramics for sending me Claus. Let us know if you enjoy alternative sex toy materials too!