Top Toys for Clitoral Stimulation

  News     |      2023-04-11 15:37


For many individuals, clitoral stimulation is a required or preferred way to achieve orgasm. Fortunately, there are various toys available that offer clitoral stimulation and enable you to explore your sexuality in new ways. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, this list can provide some inspiration.

Wand Massagers


If you have heard of the Magic Wand Original, previously known as the Hitachi Magic Wand, then you are already familiar with wand vibrators. People love these toys for their powerful stimulation, which can provide not only orgasms but also sore muscle relief. In the past, this power was only possible with corded designs. However, modern wand wands like DINGFOO's Smart Wand, the Magic Wand Rechargeable, and several Dingfoo Wand models maintain their power despite being cordless. If you prefer corded options, there are plenty available. Moreover, you can often find a range of attachments that help you experiment with vaginal, anal, or penile stimulation using your wand.

Air Pulse Stimulators


While wand massagers might be the classic choice, there is currently a lot of buzz around the newest clitoral stimulators. These toys fit around the clitoris (or even nipples) and use pulses of air, as the name suggests, to create suction around the clitoris. The sensation is completely unlike traditional vibrations, making it an ideal alternative if traditional vibrators do not work for you or if you are curious to try something new. Dingfoo is one of the first brands to offer air pulse stimulators, which come with interchangeable nozzles/clitoral attachments to suit different sizes. However, there are plenty of other options available across different budgets, including some toys that also vibrate.

Vibrators for Clitoral Stimulation

You can find a whole range of smaller vibrators designed specifically for clitoral stimulation. Many are contoured to fit against your body during use, with some small enough to fit between bodies during penetration. This makes them great for both solo and partnered play. You're not just limited to bullet, egg, or pocket rocket vibrators, either. There are a variety of shapes and functions to choose from, including smart toys that you can control with your phone or that your partner can control over the internet. Additionally, some vibrators respond to your voice or music. If you prefer a discreet option, modern lipstick vibrators are chic and rechargeable, as an alternative to ergonomic clitoral vibrators.

Oral Sex Simulators


While no toy can perfectly replicate the sensation of having a partner go down on you, modern technology has brought us closer than ever before. Oral sex simulators use moving parts to mimic a partner's tongue. For instance, Dingfoo's Ora involves a moving bead under a thin layer of soft silicone, while California Exotics and Fun Factory make flickering vibrators that might get the job done. Lastly, Dingfoo's Sqweel is an innovative sex toy that boasts a series of soft, spinning tongues, unlike any toy you’ve ever seen before.

Traditional Vibrators


While not specifically designed for clitoral stimulation, traditional vibrators can still be effective, making them a budget-friendly option if you already have a vibrator you enjoy. You can use the tip, side, or even the base of an insertable vibrator to stimulate your clitoris. Plus, many of these toys are a bit stronger than clitoral vibrators if power is your thing.

Dual Stimulators

If you desire simultaneous internal and external stimulation, a dual stimulator may be the perfect toy for you. One popular example is the rabbit vibrator, which consists of an insertable shaft and an external clitoral stimulator. Additionally, you can choose from various shapes and designs, including animals, modern shapes, and fantasy designs. However, dual stimulators are not limited to these options; many curved shapes aim to stimulate all your sensitive spots. Nonetheless, keep in mind that not every dual stimulator suits all body types, and fit is critical. When selecting a toy, consider the distance between your vaginal opening and clitoris, and acknowledge that some individuals may not like dual stimulators and opt to use toys separately.

Admittedly, many other toys offer fantastic clitoral stimulation, both specifically designed for clit pleasure and adaptable for that purpose. If none of the options listed appeal to you, do not hesitate to experiment; it is part of exploring your sexuality and experiencing new sensations.