The World of Male Sex Toys

  Tips     |      2023-04-11 14:11

The world of male sex toys may seem small in comparison to that of female sex toys, but it is much deeper than you might imagine.

The Wide Range of Male Masturbators


The category of masturbators is vast, covering all the objects that can be inserted into the penis for stimulation. This category can be further divided. Firstly, there are strokers, which are small enough to move up and down your shaft. These toys are typically softer and included sleeves and pocket pussies, among other designs. They may be abstract or imitate real bodies. Many porn stars have their own line of masturbators. Love Eggs are highly rated if you want a disposable stroker, but there is an abundance of reusable options available!

The other major category of male masturbators is a hard-cased toy that can be used by thrusting your hips or moving the toy up and down your shaft. Some toys can feel amazing without even moving them, thanks to vibration, thrusting, or sucking action. These toys consist of a harder outer case, which often includes a cover, and an inner sleeve that may be removable and replaceable with a different sleeve. The sleeves and cases come in many colors, including translucent, and you may be able to mix and match your case and sleeve to find your perfect toy! Masturbators may vibrate, and many of these toys allow you to adjust suction. While Fleshlight might be the best-known maker, it is far from the only one. Tenga, for example, makes single-use and reusable masturbators that are highly rated.

These masturbators have led to the rise of several accessories. You will find specialty cleaning products and powder to keep the internal sleeves soft. Fleshlight and Tenga both make warmers for their toys. You can buy mounts for the wall, floor, or even your tablet! Add a penis pump or attach a vibrator. Modern masturbators are getting smarter, connecting to devices to respond in sync with a partner’s toy or syncing up with video over VR!

Sex dolls are deluxe masturbators. Instead of just a single hole, you may be able to penetrate the doll vaginally, anally, or orally. Some dolls imitate a full person with synthetic skin, hair, and full limbs, as is the case with robotic sex dolls, which have made amazing strides in the past few years. Others only consist of the torso or breasts and genitals. Finally, inflatable sex dolls offer pleasure while requiring little storage space.

Explore the Possibilities with Prostate Toys

The penis isn't the only erogenous zone that can provide pleasure! Prostate massage is a popular choice amongst many men. The prostate, a small gland shaped like a walnut, can be accessed through the anus or stimulated externally through the perineum - the area between the testicles and anus. Vibrators and dildos with curved shafts and contoured heads work wonders for prostate "milking," sometimes resulting in a different type of orgasm. You'll find many of these products marketed as anal vibrators.

Boost Your Erection with Sex Toys


If you're experiencing erectile dysfunction, or would like a stronger and longer-lasting erection, cock rings may be an ideal solution for you. Cock rings come in a wide range of materials - from stretchy to rigid - and should be placed on the penis while semi-erect before solo or partnered play. Vibrating cock rings can be especially thrilling during intercourse. For optimal results, use a penis pump in conjunction with your cock ring - this device creates a vacuum that draws blood into the penis, providing stronger and more prolonged erections. In contrast, cock cages are designed to prevent full erections; some people use them for orgasm control or other kinky activities. Other specialty products include cock and ball stretchers, as well as slings.

Other Men's Sex Toys to Explore


Finally, some male sex toys aren't easily categorized. For example, attachments for wand-style vibrators - such as the one from dingfoo - that connect directly to the penis are a popular choice. Many third-party manufacturers create similar attachments for the much-loved Magic Wand Original. Penis extenders and enhancers are worn during sexual activity to increase the length and girth of the penis. Textured surfaces on either side of these products may also provide stimulation for you or your partner.

Exploring Couples Toys and More

Many sex toys are designed for couples. If you're looking for another option to wear during sex, try DINGFOO couple vibrators, which are worn by your partner during penetration. Other brands have created similar products. Small "lay-on" vibrators, like Lelo's Lily, can also be placed between your body and your partner's in certain sex positions.

Men shouldn't be afraid to try sex toys that aren't designed specifically for them. For example, some G-spot toys can make great prostate massagers! However, any toy used anally should have a flared base or handle to prevent it from getting stuck. Dildos can be used vaginally or anally, particularly when your partner wears a strap-on harness for pegging. Vibrators can feel amazing when used on the penis, testicles, nipples, or other sensitive areas! If you're not a fan of prostate stimulation, you can still enjoy butt plugs, anal probes, and beads.