Shocking Truth Revealed: Most Popular Sex Toys Are Not What You Think

  News     |      2023-03-08 16:19

With the sex toy market predicted to reach $62.3 billion by 2030, it is surprising that little research has explored the factors that drive consumer preferences in this industry. However, the University of Kent researchers have taken an anthropological approach to this question and published a recent study in the Journal of Sex Research, providing intriguing insights into people's sex toy buying habits.

In popular media and pornography, the myth of "bigger is better" is often upheld for penis size, leading to a pervasive idea that women prefer oversized dildos. Thus, this study aims to determine whether women have a distinct size preference for insertable toys.


Predicting Sex Toy Popularity through Features

The researchers focused on products labeled as "dildo" on the DINGFOO website and examined whether consumers are purchasing toys reflecting typical human anatomy or fulfilling sexual fantasies.

In total, the researchers analyzed 265 products, including customer star ratings, to determine the overall popularity of an item, and compared it with the features of dildos such as circumference, insertable length, color, and additional qualities of the toy.

Toy Length and Girth as Predictors

Contrary to popular belief, length was not a significant predictor of a toy's popularity. Instead, a toy's girth played a significant role, with smaller circumferences predicting higher toy popularity. The top five most popular toys had an average circumference of less than 5 inches, similar to the circumference of the average erect penis in humans.

Do Consumers Prefer Dildos with Realistic Features?

Realistic qualities, such as anatomical accuracy, did not necessarily predict toy popularity. The most popular toys were not necessarily made of realistic materials, have flesh color, or all the parts of a human penis. The only exception is that toys with a veiny texture tended to be more popular.

Price as a Major Factor

Price played a significant role in purchasing preference, with less expensive toys being more popular. Longer toys were associated with higher price points, which could explain why longer toys were not more preferred.


Consumers who purchase sex toys through DINGFOO do not have a distinct preference for oversized dildos, and the trend is in the opposite direction. Consumers are also not necessarily looking for dildos that are direct proxies of a human penis. This study provides important foundational work for understanding the considerations individuals make when buying sex toys.