DINGFOO Released The World's First ChatGPT Interactive Sex Toys

  Company news     |      2023-02-16 14:16

On February 12, 2023, Dongguan DINGFOO, a veteran sex toy factory with a history of 12 years, released a new model of a future male electric masturbation cup and a future female vibrator in Los Angeles, USA, which causes a sensation in the sex toy industry.As long as the product is connected to a personal ChatGPT account, you can use the most original language and ChatGPT's original secret dialogue and corresponding AI control to experience the wonderful interaction between the high-tech ChatGPT system and the direct feelings of both participants...


The prototype of this product is a sex toy based on a mobile phone APP to help the adults interact synchronously in different places. With the rapid upgrade of this model, DINGFOO has the world's first sex toy for men and women that can interact with ChatGPT. The patent information is as follows:

Inventor: Qiuming Liu

Applicant: Cunmi Robot Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Company Number: TYUS2022-0001

Type of Patent: International Invention


A schematic diagram of the pairing of products is provided in the attachment


Chen Yongjiang, General Manager of DINGFOO said: Sex toys are not only a delicate blend of fashion and technology, but sex toy industry is also a fashion industry.Make sex toys closely follow the progress of world science and technology, which is we sex toy industry practitioners should and must do.As a qualified supplier of Durex, DINGFOO, who adheres to the great mission of "becoming a respected leader in the sex toy industry", can do it with its comprehensive strength. The height of the leadership of ChatGPT intelligent technology made our R&D personnel extremely excited. So they worked overtime to drive out the prototype and send it to Los Angeles for the first launch.As we can only apply for a ChatGPT account in America and we can not have enough users (domestic American) in China. While our products still need a lot of public test improvement, so it can only be released in Los Angeles.I believe that there will be similar software in China in the future, and DINGFOO will start testing as soon as we can. Make sure sex toys truly and seamlessly connect with fashion, and make the sexual life more harmonious and wonderful!


Throughout the whole process of DINGFOO’s product launched, we deeply felt that DINGFOO begin to thrive. DINGFOO’s technology plug in the fashion and wonderful wings for the research and development of the sex toy industry.