Rabbit Vibrators 101: A Guided Journey to Your First Purchase

The esteemed Rabbit Vibrator, catapulted to global recognition following a notorious "Sex and the City" episode in 1998, has grown exponentially in popularity. Cited as the "Rolls Royce" of vibrators by Oprah in 2006, this toy has successfully secured its place amongst the world's best-selling sex toys.

The Rabbit has inspired a plethora of dual-action sex toys, exhibiting an array of complexities and designs. Ranging from the simpler variants that flutter the clitoris at multiple speeds, to the multifunctional, gyrating, and pulsating models designed for an ecstatic experience, the Rabbit's legacy is truly revolutionary.

The Origin of the Rabbit

The inception of the original Rabbit Vibrator dates back to 1983 in Japan. During this era, showcasing phallic sex toys was deemed taboo, leading a Japanese sex toy designer (Vibratex) to employ innovative disguises. The designer veiled the true nature of these toys by creating animal caricatures, thus masking their intended purpose: masturbation. As women worldwide discovered the functionality beneath these playful designs, a global Rabbit vibrator craze ensued, spreading faster than a hyperactive bunny.

Key Features of Rabbit Vibrators:

  • An embedded clitoris stimulator, frequently crafted as a bunny head with vibrating ears.
  • A vibrating shaft, designed in the likeness of a dildo for vaginal penetration and/or G-spot stimulation.
  • Several models feature tiny rotating "pearls" at the base for additional stimulation of the vulva and/or vaginal opening.
  • Others possess a thrusting function to elevate your experience.

These features converge to provide simultaneous pleasure and dual-stimulation, paving the way for intense blended orgasms for vulva owners. In contemporary models, the rabbit ears have often been substituted by a rounded head or a clitoral sucker. The majority of these models also encompass dual motors to separately power the clitoral stimulator and the vibrating dildo shaft.

Although the common assumption posits that the rabbit vibrator derives its name from the external shaft's resemblance to a bunny head, the truth veers towards a more audacious origin. The rabbit vibrator was born in Japan, where stringent obscenity laws necessitate sex toys to bear a significant departure from realistic body parts. As a result, the creators of the rabbit, along with other sex toys, masqueraded their products as adorable, harmless animals. This strategy allowed them to market their products across the nation while remaining within the bounds of the law.

Although restrictions on sex toy legislation have undergone changes, numerous countries, including one US state, continue to enforce bans on sex toys. The name of the rabbit vibrator stands as a reminder of the invincible nature of a woman's right to pleasure. Purchasing a rabbit vibrator signifies not merely an indulgence in one of the most stimulating sex toys crafted for women, but also a subtle act of defiance against archaic power structures.

Types of Rabbit Vibrators

Each rabbit vibrator is unique, presenting a distinct set of characteristics that might not align with your personal preferences or anatomical structure. Thus, familiarizing yourself with the various types of rabbit vibrators can aid in finding one that suits your needs.

Classic Rabbits

For dual stimulation, classic rabbits are an optimal choice. They are equipped with individual motors in each shaft and possess a minimum of three vibration settings. Typically measuring around eight inches or more in length, they range in price from $30 to $75. These rabbit vibrators are recommended for first-time buyers.

Mini Rabbits

Despite their compact size compared to classic rabbits, mini rabbits maintain similar functionalities. Their reduced length is offset by added convenience. Lightweight and travel-friendly, these silent devices ensure discretion, even on business trips.

High-Tech Rabbits

High-tech rabbits are tailored for those seeking additional features. These models are not only equipped with tech-oriented attributes like remote access and app controls, but they also typically offer extra functions and a wider range of vibration options. However, these advanced features come with a higher price tag, often exceeding $100.

Couple’s Rabbits

If you wish to incorporate your rabbit vibrator into partnered play, consider purchasing a model equipped with features conducive to couple's use, such as remote control access. Rabbits with larger heads and broader vibrational surfaces can also be utilized for male-to-female foreplay, thereby enhancing the mutual experience.

Anal Rabbits

Anal rabbit vibrators can introduce a new dimension of pleasure to your solo sessions. Some models even incorporate a third shaft for double penetration, transitioning the sex toy from dual-stimulation to triple-stimulation.

Thrusting Rabbits

Thrusting rabbits, equipped with an additional motor for automatic thrusting, allow the clitoral stimulating shaft to maintain consistent positioning while the main shaft performs the thrusting action. If you experience uneven clitoral stimulation due to your thrusting motion with a classic rabbit, a thrusting rabbit could be an excellent choice.

Why Buy a Rabbit Vibrator?

Whether a rabbit vibrator is a suitable choice for you hinges on various factors. This device garners enthusiasm from many vagina owners due to its user-friendly nature and multi-faceted pleasure potential. Let's examine the primary reasons one might contemplate purchasing a rabbit vibrator.

Efficiency: Rabbit vibrators outperform many other sex toys. The prominence of these devices among female users underscores their effectiveness. For those desiring a fulfilling orgasm, a rabbit vibrator is an excellent choice.

Versatility: A rabbit vibrator is not restricted to a single pleasure type. It accommodates vaginal, clitoral, or dual stimulation, depending on your mood and desire during solo sessions. Your rabbit vibrator can always cater to your specific needs.

Customization: With various vibrational settings across different shafts, you can discover an ideal level of stimulation for an intense orgasm. Many rabbit vibrators also include additional features like pulsing and thrusting settings.

User-friendliness: The most significant advancement of the rabbit vibrator lies not in the dual stimulation but in the ability to simultaneously stimulate with a single hand. This eliminates the necessity for dual-hand use or awkward wrist positions.

Foreplay enhancement: Rabbit vibrators can play an exciting role in foreplay and partnered sex. With one hand maneuvering the rabbit, the rest of your hands and mouth are available for further exploration.

How to Choose a Rabbit Vibrator

In your quest for the ideal rabbit vibrator, consider the following factors:

1. Price

Rabbit vibrators, typically considered a luxury item, vary in price from $25 to $300. Your budget should guide your selection. Many retailers provide a 'Sort by Price' feature, facilitating selection within your budget.

2. Material

The vibrator's material should be of paramount consideration. Ensure the toy is body-safe. Many experts favor silicone-made rabbit vibrators, given their hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, and non-porous attributes.

3. Size

Consider the vibrator's size, as rabbit vibrators range from mini to large. The desired depth of penetration and your anatomical features will inform this decision. Remember, the G-spot lies about 1-2 inches inside, while the cervix sits around 3-7 inches deep.

4. Intensity and Function

Evaluate the functions and intensity of the vibrator. Familiarize yourself with the number of vibration settings, speeds, and operational methods. Note that rabbit vibrators vary significantly in their features: some offer internal thrusting, others incorporate rotating beads, and others yet provide additional features.

5. Power Source

While the majority of rabbit vibrators are rechargeable, some still operate on batteries.

6. Noise

If discretion is crucial, scrutinize the noise level of the vibrator before making a purchase. Many products advertise their 'whisper quiet' operation to reassure you of their discreet nature.

7. Waterproof

Many contemporary rabbit vibrators are waterproof, providing the option of shower or bath play. Some are merely 'splash-proof,' indicating they can endure some water exposure but should not be submerged.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The design of Rabbit vibrators is not universally fitting due to anatomical differences among individuals. The distance from the vaginal opening to the clitoris varies (referred to as the "rule of thumb"), thus influencing the effectiveness of each Rabbit vibrator's unique design. As a result, not every device will align properly with your anatomy or stimulate you as intended.

Models featuring flexible clitoral stimulator arms and bendable shafts offer enhanced adaptability and the potential for better anatomical alignment. However, finding the optimal fit often requires experimentation, and learning to utilize the device effectively may take practice.

Concluding Thoughts

Rabbit Vibrators have gained popularity due to their multi-functionality, the diverse experiences they facilitate, and their ability to provide dual stimulation. Considering that 70-80% of vulva owners are unable to achieve orgasm through vaginal penetration alone, the importance of clitoral stimulation becomes evident, especially for those struggling to reach climax.

Regardless of whether you're new to the world of sex toys or an experienced enthusiast, a Rabbit Vibrator is designed to deliver comprehensive stimulation, leading to more intense combination orgasms.

As a pertinent reminder in the realm of pleasure, bear in mind the words of Virginia C. Andrews: "Little rabbits have big ears."