Is Safe To Sell, Buy, Reuse A Previously Owned Fleshlight?

Though buying, selling, or reusing a pre-owned Fleshlight might seem economical, the safety implications associated with such practices, due to the porous nature of the material that cannot be fully sterilized, deem it unsafe.

Potential health risks, such as infections (including STIs), or interior mold or mildew that might have developed due to improper maintenance of the toy, should be taken into account when considering the use of a previously owned Fleshlight.

What is a Fleshlight?

A Fleshlight, primarily designed for male use, is an adult toy crafted to mimic the sensation of a pocket vagina while maintaining discretion by resembling a flashlight in appearance.

These popular male masturbators can also be found designed like 'tall boy' style beer cans. Procurement of Fleshlights typically happens via online sex shops or direct from the manufacturer.

Some individuals attempt to create their own versions using household materials, a practice we don't endorse due to potential safety and sanitation concerns, unless certain guidelines are followed.

Bear in mind, 'Fleshlight' is a copyrighted term. Therefore, while searching for such products, you might have to look for pocket pussies, masturbators, masturbation sleeves, roto-bators, etc.

Despite different names, these products are essentially similar to other realistic masturbators for men, with the added advantage of being concealed in a flashlight-like casing to keep the sleeve hidden and safely stored. The casing also prevents degradation due to accidental contact with lube or other silicone toys, and keeps it free from dust or lint while in storage.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fleshlights, crafted from a patented SuperSkin, a porous mineral-based polymer with a realistic skin-like texture, can never be completely sanitized or sterilized, irrespective of the intensity of the cleaning.
  • According to Dr. Sarcon, Fleshlights "should not be shared with another penis" due to the potential risk of transmitting infections.
  • Although rare, contracting STIs from a used Fleshlight is not impossible.
  • Besides, the interior of the sleeve, if not maintained properly by the previous owner, may harbor bacteria or viruses and can foster the growth of irretrievable mold.
  • Despite a seller's claim of hygiene maintenance, there's no guarantee that a used Fleshlight is as clean as it's made out to be, nor can it be washed effectively enough to ensure safety for future users.
  • Reselling a used Fleshlight isn't easy due to restrictions imposed by online platforms that permit the sale of pre-owned sex toys, predominantly because of the risks associated with porous materials, even if the product is unused and in its original packaging.

Although buying a used Fleshlight may seem to be an "eco-friendly" option by reducing landfill waste, it poses considerable risk to personal safety.

We will discuss the pros and cons of purchasing, using, or selling a pre-owned Fleshlight and explain why it's unsafe and inadvisable.

Things To Know

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  • Should You Use One
  • Selling A Used Fleshlight
  • Returning A Used Fleshlight
  • Closing Thoughts

Should I Buy A Used Fleshlight?

Despite the appeal of cost-saving and environmental conservation, purchasing a used Fleshlight is not advisable.

Fleshlights are constructed from a patented material named SuperSkin, which is a "mineral-based patented polymer using food-grade mineral oil".

Though this suggests compatibility with your body, it does not assure that the product can be thoroughly cleaned, or that it won't harbor bacteria or mold on its surface.

Even if the seller assures minimal usage or thorough cleaning, certainty is unachievable.

Sterilizing and sanitizing the Fleshlight yourself is also an unreliable option.

Cleaning with soap and water or even sex toy cleaners may clean the surface, but the history of the Fleshlight's maintenance by the previous owner remains unknown.

Improper drying, insufficient cleaning, or inadequate rinsing could have facilitated mold and bacterial growth in the porous Fleshlight sleeve, making it a risk even before your acquisition.

Is It Safe To Use A Previously-Owned Fleshlight?

It's likely unsafe to use a previously-owned Fleshlight due to its inability to be sterilized or sanitized.

Experts warn that porous sex toy materials, including the Fleshlight's patented SuperSkin, contain microscopic holes on their surface that can harbor bacteria. These toys "should not be shared with another penis" to avoid possible infection.

Before deciding to use a pre-owned Fleshlight, consider the following:

  • Could the previous owner have had sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?
  • Did they consistently use a condom while using it?
  • Was the Fleshlight thoroughly cleaned between uses?
  • Did the previous owner maintain the sleeve properly, drying it well and using cornstarch (or Fleshlight Renewing Powder) to prevent mold growth on the material's surface?

Confirming these answers remains impossible.

Regardless of the answers, the Fleshlight cannot be sanitized or sterilized due to its porous nature.

If considering a used Fleshlight, one may wonder, "Can you contract STDs from a Fleshlight?" The answer varies.

Bacteria and viruses can persist on sex toy surfaces for varying durations. Improperly cleaned or maintained Fleshlights may also harbor mold.

The deep internal sleeve of Fleshlights, which provides friction and texture during use, could be a breeding ground for harmful organisms, not all of which are visible to the naked eye.

While using a condom each time may potentially render a pre-owned Fleshlight safe, the risks involved suggest avoidance is the safer option.

Can I Sell My Used Fleshlight?

While no legal obstacle prevents you from initiating a sale of your used Fleshlight, practical and ethical implications might make it a challenging endeavour.

The difficulty arises partially due to the characteristics of Fleshlights and similar male masturbators, which feature a porous material for a lifelike feel. While this quality contributes to their appeal, it prevents the products from being fully sterilized.

Due to potential hygiene concerns, platforms that facilitate the transaction of used sex toys generally prohibit the listing of Fleshlights, irrespective of whether they are brand new or second-hand.

Moreover, numerous online marketplaces that allow the sale of pre-owned items often exclude sex toys from their offerings. Facebook Marketplace, for instance, does not permit the trade of adult products, and violations could lead to account suspension.

eBay might seem like an alternative; however, their policies stipulate that sex toys must be brand new and sealed, and sellers must obtain prior approval.

The Feasibility of Returning a Used Fleshlight

The possibility of returning a used Fleshlight is contingent on the policy of the original retailer.

Most vendors decline to accept returns for previously-owned sex toys. While some suppliers prohibit returns altogether, others might offer money-back guarantees for a specified duration.

We enumerate the return policies of our trusted vendors at the time of writing:

  • The Enhanced Male (30-day return policy, only for unopened/unused products)
  • Adam & Eve (90-day return policy, featuring a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee)
  • Lovehoney (100-day Money-Back Promise, applicable to a single item and subject to company’s discretion)
  • Fleshlight (30-day return policy, only for unopened/unused products)

To determine the feasibility of returning your Fleshlight, please refer to the return policy of your purchase source.

Final Observations

The acquisition of a used Fleshlight poses several risks. There is no guarantee of the hygiene or the manner of use by the previous owner, and the cleaning process does not ensure complete sterilization.

The resale of used Fleshlights presents its challenges as well. The quest to find a suitable online platform for selling can be arduous, and potential buyers might express skepticism about the cleanliness or maintenance of the product.

Your position might be similar if you were considering such a purchase. Therefore, we advise against this practice, especially given the availability of brand-new Fleshlights at affordable prices.