I Want to Have Sex at the Drive-In Again

It's the Only Kind of Car Sex I'm Into

Dressed in my big white wedding dress, striped socks pulled up to my knees, and wedding sneakers laced up, I headed over to the drive-in. Unfortunately, I wasn't getting married there. In retrospect, a retro-themed wedding with bridesmaids donning pin-up girl outfits, a rockabilly band belting out 50s rock n roll late into the evening, and classy catering from the deep fryer and popcorn machine in the concession stand would have been amazing had I tied the knot a few years earlier.

Regrettably, the drive-in wasn't looking as fancy as it used to be. It had been closed for a couple of years, and weeds had started taking over the parking lot. So, I decided to at least take some wedding photos in this meaningful spot. We drove right in, and I felt a rush of joy being in that big open field for the first time since I moved out of my hometown.

Although the concession stand was in rough shape, the screen was still standing strong. It would make an excellent backdrop for my photos. Carefully stepping through the tall grass and squealing whenever a grasshopper jumped at me, I found my mark, posed for every bridal shot I could think of, and then promptly left.

While I hold this memory dear, it doesn't quite compare to the time I had sex in that same lot. As cliché as it may seem, having sex at the drive-in is the only kind of car sex I'm into.

The Best Kind of Public Sex

That night, I can't recall the movie playing on the big screen, a romantic comedy with Julia Roberts, maybe. However, it didn't matter because I wasn't there to see her pretty face and wavy hair. I had other plans in mind.

After throwing some pillows and blankets into the back of my mom's car and ensuring a full pack of condoms in my purse, I drove over to pick up my boyfriend. The moment we parked, I started to feel nervous - the sun was still setting, people kept walking by with buckets of buttered popcorn, and the drive-in, which usually felt intimate and cozy, now seemed crowded.

Despite my nerves, I played it cool for my boyfriend and followed my plans. I folded the seats down, laid out the blankets, and arranged the pillows. It wasn't much of a love nest, but it would suffice.

We made out while the movie trailers played on the massive screen. When they finished, the sun had finally disappeared, and the windows had fogged up. We couldn't see anything outside the car, which meant nobody could see inside. I wasn't worried anymore; I was excited because I was about to have sex while surrounded by a hundred strangers, but the doors were locked, and there was no way of getting caught. It was the perfect safe thrill.

Desiring more than just kisses, I straddled my boyfriend, feeling his stiff cock pressing into me, and started grinding his bulge.

The pleasure was so intense that I could have kept it going until the end credits rolled or until he climaxed in his pants, but I kept getting carried away and accidentally bumping my head against the car roof.

After a few head bumps, I had to stop, blushing with embarrassment as I told him we had to adjust our positions.

Once I removed my pants, I gazed upon the shape and firmness of his hard cock as he rolled a condom down his shaft.

Then, he was on top of me, comfortably positioning himself as his body pressed into mine. His cock effortlessly slid inside me, the result of all the dry humping making it feel fantastic from the very first thrust.

He had fucked me before. He had fucked me in that very same position. But the realization that he was now penetrating me in a public place gave it an entirely new, thrilling feel.

I held onto his shoulders and caught glimpses of the steam covering the windows, all the while knowing that no one could see us, yet it still felt like we were on display. That was enough to make my heart beat faster.

He came, and I softly bit my lip as I took in every detail: his quiet grunts; the subtle twitch of his cock inside me; the last few slow thrusts as he unloaded.

After catching our breath, tracing hearts on the foggy windows, and cuddling, we saw the headlights turn on, signaling the movie's end. It was time for me to put my pants back on, settle into the driver's seat, and drive away from the drive-in theater I loved even more than before.

Bang Me at the Drive-In

When I lived with my parents, fooling around in someone's car provided a bit of privacy and added excitement. But now as a grown woman with a king-sized bed and a sex chair, sex in a car lost its charm.

I no longer wanted to park somewhere and have sex in an uncomfortable position or get fingered at an awkward angle in the passenger seat. I didn't want to bump my head and ruin the experience while dry humping. Therefore, car sex was a thing of the past for me.

But two exceptions remained. I would gladly do all sorts of filthy things in the back of some hot hipster's cozy little converted van. Also, I would be totally game for sex at the drive-in, with proper sex blankets, more than just condoms in my sex bag, and a long movie playing so I could take my time and enjoy the experience.

Although I wasn't sure if I would be brave enough to do it, I would like to think that I could and that it would be an exciting experience. There was still hope that someday I could pull into a drive-in and have a really good time for an hour or two.