Are you curious about how to use a male masturbator cup sex toy? Let's take a closer look at this type of sex toy and learn how to use it.

What is a Male Masturbator Cup Sex Toy?

Before discussing how to use a male masturbator cup sex toy, it's important to understand what it is. Similar to Fleshlights, the term "masturbator cup" initially referred to a very specific type of sex toy. It featured a disposable "cup" design and was uniquely named Tenga cups. These penis stroking devices were made from a hard exterior plastic and had squishy, fuckable internal parts. Nowadays, male masturbator cup sex toys have a broader definition and include many long, penis-pleasuring toys from Asian brands. They are extra long, made primarily from thicker plastic and can include internal gizmos that work magic around the shaft.

Using a Male Masturbator Cup Sex Toy A male masturbator cup sex toy differs from a standard masturbation sleeve or penis stroker. The powered masturbator cup toy does all the work for you, with internal mechanisms producing swirling or tightening motions on the shaft. To use, simply insert the penis into the cup and let the toy do its magic. This type of sex toy is helpful for those who prefer hands-free stimulation or who have difficulties with manual stroking.

In summary, a male masturbator cup sex toy provides a realistic and hands-free experience. They differ from standard masturbation sleeves and penis strokers, with internal mechanisms providing unique motions on the shaft.

What You Need to Use a Male Masturbator Cup Sex Toy

Learning how to use a male masturbator cup sex toy is easy, and most of the things you need are likely already available in your home. Here's what you will need:

  • Male masturbator cup sex toy
  • USB outlet to charge your electronic toy
  • Headphones with an audio jack (if your toy has built-in audio)
  • A generous amount of lube (water-based preferred)
  • Paper towels or a washcloth for cleaning up
  • Private time to explore and enjoy.

Using a male masturbator cup sex toy is a straightforward process that requires little preparation. With these items in hand, you can immerse yourself in a realistic and pleasurable experience.

How to Use a Male Masturbator Cup Sex Toy

Now that we have defined what we are actually talking about, let's discuss how to use it effectively.

Step 1: Gain an Understanding of How it Works

Before inserting your penis into the cup, make sure you have a basic understanding of the toy's operation.

This serves two main purposes:

  • You won't fumble with the instruction manual once you're all lubed up and prepared to go. Some electronic male masturbation cup toys are more complicated than they appear at first, so this can relieve any frustration.
  • Faulty toys exist. Some manufacturers may not accept returns if the toy has already been used. If you try out all of the toy's features to confirm its functionality before using it, you will avoid this constraint. Nobody wants to be stuck with a dead sex toy they just purchased.

Take time to press the buttons and ensure all of the functionality operates as intended. As some electronic male masturbation cup toys include an audio port with built-in erotic material, make sure to try using headphones to see if it is functioning correctly.

Step 2: Charge It

If you have a male masturbation cup sex toy style that comes with moving parts and a rechargeable battery, charging the toy is your next step. I understand that you just got it, and you don't want to wait to use your new toy, but it is beneficial for the battery to reach a full, initial charge before use, much like standard electronics.

In addition, you have no idea how much charge the battery has straight from the factory, so it is preferable to wait and charge the toy before use. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Therefore, take the time to let it completely charge now. To obtain brownie points, look at the manufacturer's website or the instruction manual to determine how much runtime you will get from a full charge. Especially if you're a marathon masturbator, having a general understanding of the toy's battery life can help you anticipate when the session will end due to a drained battery.

Step 3: Achieve an Erection

Male masturbation cups require a relatively firm erection for use. Self-foreplay may be necessary if you do not begin with one. If you are using lube, opt for a water-based variety that is compatible with your toy. Take your time with this stage, as it is your foreplay and pleasure. A cock ring at the base of your shaft may also help encourage hardness depending on your body.

If you are currently unable to maintain an erection, don't fret. The male masturbation cup will be available whenever you're ready. If you experience this issue, consider a different stroking method or a sex toy intended for use while flaccid.

Step 4: Lubricate the Male Masturbator Cup Sex Toy

Now that your body is prepared for play, it's time to prepare the male masturbator cup for use. Dry material can be uncomfortable sliding down the penis, so adding some lube can make the experience more enjoyable.

Hold the masturbator cup with the entrance facing upwards and drizzle lube along the entrance of the toy, allowing some to drip down into the penetratable chamber. Using your fingers, slide them inside the toy and spread the lube around the internal chamber. Ensure thorough coverage, as this is what will make the masturbator cup feel incredible in a few minutes.

Step 5: Apply Lube to Your Shaft

If you haven't applied lube to yourself yet, it's time to do so. Stroking your penis with lube is not unpleasant, so take your time and enjoy the sensation. The sex toy will be available when you're done. Use more lube than you think you'll require, and keep the lube bottle nearby since you'll probably need to reapply during your session.

Step 6: Wipe Your Hands

Most male masturbator cups are composed of thick, glossy plastic that can become incredibly slippery when coated in lube. To avoid struggling with holding the toy, keep paper towels or a washcloth nearby. After lubing both the toy and your shaft, use the towels to wipe your hands as clean as possible.

Using a disposable glove to apply lube before play is also an option. Once you're ready to utilize the toy, insert your penis and remove the glove. Most of the lube will be contained within the toy rather than on your hands. Removing the lube from your hands will also save you time and effort during cleaning. You won't have to deal with lube on the buttons or the toy's exterior.

Step 7: Insert the Shaft

With both the shaft and toy lubricated, gently push the shaft into the entrance of the toy. If there is any discomfort or dragging, add more lube and start again. Take your time and insert the shaft slowly until it reaches the back of the toy or the orifice touches your abdomen.

If the shaft has become softer during the insertion process, use your other hand to steady it at the base or further up to feed it into the toy more gradually.

Step 8: Explore the Functions

Now that the shaft is completely encompassed by the masturbator cup, it's time to enjoy its functionality. The movements the male masturbator cup sex toy provides vary depending on the type of toy. It's critical to read the instructions to understand how to use the specific toy effectively.

If the toy has no electronic components, you can begin moving the cup up and down your shaft with your hand. Vary the strokes to determine what feels best, using shorter, faster strokes or longer, deeper strokes.

You can also alter the angle by changing the way you grip the masturbator cup sex toy to target the frenulum or other sensitive areas of the shaft intentionally. Use this angle change to rub the cup's internal material against the desired spot for maximum pleasure.

Step 9: Lubrication Reapplication

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to finish an entire masturbation session without having to reapply lubrication. So, don’t hesitate to do so!

Simply pull out of the masturbator cup, add more lubrication by squeezing some on your shaft, and slide back in. In most cases, you don't need to use your hands to spread the lubricant around to avoid mess. The mere act of sliding the masturbator cup toy back on will help distribute the lubricant all along the shaft. Therefore, just add the lube around the internal chamber or the shaft.

It’s entirely normal and acceptable to reapply lubrication during masturbation with a sex toy.

Step 10: Continue Pleasuring Yourself!

The options are limitless!

If you want to continue stroking yourself to climax, go ahead! If you prefer edging yourself for extended periods of time, that’s also a viable option. Furthermore, if you want to switch back to using your hand or try a new toy, that's all up to you.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that very few masturbator cup toys are open at both ends. Therefore, you should think ahead if you plan on ejaculating. If you're utilizing a masturbator cup without a sealed end, semen will likely shoot out the other side, which may create a mess if you're caught off guard.

Step 11: Slowly Remove

Depending on the type of masturbator cup you have, you may find that it is gripping your shaft firmly after ejaculation. If you haven't reapplied lubrication frequently, it might hold on more tightly to your penis, becoming sticky and dry.

If feasible, waiting until your penis has started to soften can make the process of removing the masturbator cup easier. If you prefer, you can also remove it while fully erect.

In either case, I recommend firmly gripping the toy with one hand and slowly pulling it away from your body while holding the base of the shaft with the other hand. If your shaft isn't as slippery as it was earlier, you may need to run your finger around the shaft to detach the stroker material from the shaft every inch or so. This will help to decrease any discomfort caused by pulling on the ultra-sensitive penis.

Step 12: Cleaning Your Male Masturbator Cup Sex Toy

The exact method of cleaning your male masturbator cup sex toy will differ depending on the model and manufacturer.

For optimal results, consult the instruction manual that came with your toy. It will provide specific cleaning guidance and may also provide specific tips and tricks that apply to your particular model. (You may discover that the entrance orifice quickly detaches for easier interior cleaning!)

If you have an electronic masturbator cup sex toy, use extreme caution when around water. If water enters the charging port or electronic base, it could destroy your sex toy. That's why it's critical to read the instruction manual, which may provide advice on how to detach the used and lubricated parts from the sensitive-to-water components.

After use, make sure to leave the masturbator cup toy uncovered to dry. Avoid putting on the lid since this may cause post-cleaning moisture to linger. Ideally, you should place it in front of a fan or in an area where there is excellent air circulation to aid in drying the interior chamber.

Depending on the tightness of your masturbator cup's internal chamber and the air flow in your home, it may take anywhere from 8 hours to a week for the masturbator cup to dry completely. To determine if it has dried completely, try tapping the toy on the counter to see if any water drips out or run a finger inside and check if there are any damp spots.

Never, under any circumstances, store your masturbator cup while it's still damp. A moist interior chamber may foster mold, becoming a breeding ground for pathogens. A dry condition prevents mold from forming; hence, make sure your penis sex toy is completely dry before storing it.

If you're using an original disposable Tenga cup, you may be able to avoid cleaning it entirely! While some diligent masturbators may want to clean and reuse Tenga cups, they are designed to be disposable. Whatever you decide, it's completely up to you!

What Lube to Use with a Male Masturbator Cup Sex Toy?

Now that you understand how to use this type of sex toy let's talk about the best lube to use.

Generally, you should use a water-based lube. While oil-based and silicone-based lubes are popular for stroking sessions, they may interact with the material of certain sex toys and damage them. A water-based lube (not hybrid either, only simple water-based) is the better choice.

If you typically use oil-based or silicone-based lube but are interested in transitioning to using your male masturbation cup sex toy, consult the manual or contact the manufacturer. Although it's possible that your toy's material will work with non-water-based lube, it's always better to err on the side of caution. These male masturbation cup sex toys are sometimes rather costly, and we don't want yours to break prematurely.