Enhancing Intimacy? Consider a Television in Your Bedroom

Unbeknownst to many, a television can serve as a surprising accessory to enhance your intimate life. A few years ago, I embarked on a journey to transform my bedroom into a more intimate space.

The journey began with lighting adjustments.

The glaring overhead light was too intense for creating a sensual ambiance, while complete darkness was not ideal either. I sought a balance, leading me to install various lighting fixtures throughout the room. Twinkle lights adorned my headboard, colorful LED strips lined the room, and a homemade fluffy cloud light became the room's centerpiece.

Next, I introduced baskets for organization.

Clutter was a significant distraction for me, but neatly arranged baskets and crates were not. This simple addition significantly improved the room's atmosphere.

However, the most transformative addition was a waterproof sex blanket.

This blanket revolutionized my intimate experiences, allowing for uninhibited exploration of pleasure without concern for the aftermath. It was a liberating change.

Adding restraints under the mattress was another beneficial modification, transforming my bed into a secret bondage spot. A couple of wedges compensated for the memory foam mattress's limitations during extended intimate sessions.

With these changes, my bedroom was well-equipped for a fulfilling sex life, provided I kept a selection of quality vibrators and lube within reach. However, one element was still missing: a flat-screen TV.

Initially, a TV was not part of my vision for this intimate oasis. It was only after months of enjoying the room's new ambiance that the idea occurred to me.

Typically, a TV in the bedroom is seen as a sign of a dwindling sex life, indicating a preference for watching shows over engaging in intimate activities. However, I found that a TV could actually enhance the intimate atmosphere.

Encouraging Physical Closeness

Even before the TV, Mr. Austin and I enjoyed watching shows in bed. However, finding a comfortable position to view a laptop screen was challenging. We usually ended up sitting side by side, propped up by pillows, trying to watch an episode of a show before fatigue set in.

While this arrangement was functional, I believed we could improve it. I desired more intimacy and physical closeness during these shared moments.

With the TV installed at an appropriate height, we could now lie down and cuddle properly. As the little spoon, I could feel his body against mine, enjoy his gentle massages, and his fingers tracing my thigh. These moments of physical contact often led to a heightened mood for intimacy.

Creating a Steamy Atmosphere

My viewing preferences lean towards the titillating: erotic thrillers, softcore porn with beautiful lighting, raunchy sex comedies, and TV series filled with hookups. These genres, with their sexual tension and partial nudity, are highly entertaining.

Steamy movies and TV shows can stir up feelings of arousal. Dirty jokes can inspire fun and filthy activities, nude scenes can evoke a desire to be undressed, and passionate scenes can induce physical reactions. However, these feelings can be fleeting, especially if you don't act on them quickly.

Being already in bed allows you to act on these whims immediately. A simple hip squeeze, slow ass grinding, or a few neck kisses can quickly escalate the situation.

Setting the Stage for EroticViewing

When I first moved the TV into the bedroom, my initial thought was the comfort of watching Grey's Anatomy. My second thought was the potential for watching porn.

While watching porn on a phone is adequate for private sessions, sharing the experience with a partner is best done on a larger screen. The laptop was a compromise, with its awkward angles and limited view. A larger screen enhances the viewing experience, making it more arousing and enjoyable, especially for story-based scenes or full-length features.

Having a TV in the bedroom encourages more shared erotic viewing experiences, increasing the likelihood of mutual arousal and satisfaction.

Facilitating Effective Aftercare

Intense sexual experiences can be emotionally draining, leading to a hormonal crash afterward. Good aftercare is essential to maintain the connection post-coitus and prevent feelings of anxiety, discomfort, or emotional abandonment.

While it's ideal for aftercare to be a romantic experience, it's often more practical to opt for something more relaxed. Cuddling in front of the TV is a good option, maintaining physical contact and shared activity without the need for intense emotional engagement.

Even without the addition of shared snacks, this form of aftercare is far superior to disengaging and checking your phones.

Transforming Screen Time into Intimate Time

Many fear that introducing a TV into the bedroom will spell the end of their sex life. However, I beg to differ.

A TV can provide more shared experiences as a couple, including watching erotic content and engaging in physical touch. Even if it simply results in more time spent lying down together, it's a positive addition.

If you're looking to enhance your bedroom's intimacy, consider adding a TV. While it may not be as thrilling as setting up bondage gear or selecting sex toys, it can certainly enhance their usage.