DINGFOO with Revolutionary Technology Attends 2023 HK AAE Exhibition

The high-profile 2023 Asian Adult Expo will  be held in Hall 5FG of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from  August 29 to August 31, 2023. Dingfoo will participate in the "Hong Kong International Sexy Life and Health Industry Expo" with 100 new sex toys of  the year.
 After 13 years of development, Dingfoo, as a  qualified OEM factory for Durex, will bring hundreds of new sex toys to the  ASIA ADULT EXPO(HK) 2023.  Among them,  brush vibration technology, air suspension technology and spring vibration AV  stick are one of the revolutionary technologies in the industry. These products  are new products that have been popular in European and American market this  year, and will be grandly on the stage of the ASIA ADULT EXPO(HK) 2023,  detonating industry hotspots.

In the production link, DINGFOO has a set  of strict quality inspection process. All products’ raw materials and components’  suppliers must comply with the EU WEEE certification, CE safety certification,  international MSDS certification and also comply with the EU ROHS directive.  Products that have obtained relevant certification Only then will it be put on  the market to ensure that the products sold are of high quality, healthy and  safe.

Location: Hong Kong Convention and  Exhibition Center, China

Booth No.: G49 - Hall 5

Date: August 29th - August 31st, 2023


In 2021, Shenzhen Chuntu Technology Co.,  Ltd., founded by the legendary e-cigarette Liu Qiuming, acquired Dongguan  Dingfoo Plastic Products Co., Ltd., an old Durex foundry for sex toys. This old  sex toy factory established in 2011 is under the management by Mr. Zhang  Ruizhong, who was famous for quality management in Taiwan. The company has  successfully passed ISO9001 and medical device certification ISO13485 quality  system certification. Dongguan DINGFOO has been developing and manufacturing  products for Wal-Mart and Durex. In addition to R&D capabilities, it also  has process capabilities such as injection molding, reverse molding, silicone  molding, final assembly, and national standard testing. Through more than 10  years of technology accumulation, Dongguan Dingfoo has developed hundreds of series  sex toys, such as brush vibration products, suspension ball vibration product  series, steel ball vibration product series, non-inductive instant tightening  device for women, male and female APP interactive series products, male and  male interactive serialization, etc.