Congratulations to DINGFOO for Getting China’s Class I Medical Device Manufacturing License

Dongguan Dingfoo Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has received the Class I Medical Device Manufacturing License in China. This achievement highlights the company's commitment to stringent control and safety measures throughout its production processes. Obtaining this license means that the company must comply with a series of strict regulations and standards and establish a comprehensive quality management system. This ensures that every step, from raw material procurement to the final product release, meets high-quality standards. This process includes raw material inspection, production process control, and finished product testing.

China has a rigorous review system for medical device production. Dingfoo, primarily a manufacturer of sex toys, applies the stringent principles of the medical device industry to its operations, earning official recognition and approval from government authorities. This accomplishment is the result of the collective efforts of the entire Dingfoo team.

When a company obtains a Class I Medical Device Manufacturing License, it sends a significant signal that the company adheres to strict standards and regulations in the production of medical devices. This greatly enhances the likelihood that their products will be safe and reliable.