5 Tips for Optimizing Bathsturbation

Maximizing the pleasure of your private moments

In past years, my bathroom was the only true sanctuary of solitude I possessed, and I maximized its potential.

Living in a small apartment with my spouse and our firstborn was challenging.

As we welcomed a second, and then a third child, the space became even more congested.

Every corner of our home was shared, except for my personal oasis—the bathtub.

Consequently, bubble baths became my escape—a space to unwind and relax amidst the chaos.

Additionally, it evolved into my preferred location for personal exploration and self-pleasure.

Masturbation in bed was possible, but required efficiency. My routine typically involved locking the bedroom door, swiftly laying on the bed, and utilizing a vibrator before being interrupted.

The shower provided another alternative. Investing in a massaging showerhead meant each lathered wash could culminate with a rinse and an orgasm.

However, the bath was the singular place where time wasn't of the essence.

Here, I could leisurely explore and tease myself, indulging in elaborate fantasies instead of resorting to quick, explicit videos. Not that there's any issue with those, of course.

The indulgence of these prolonged, wet solo sessions converted me into a staunch bathsturbator. Now, even with an increased level of privacy, I continue to enjoy my sex toys in the bath.

There's simply no reason to cease—solo bath sessions are fantastic. Still, there are some enhancements you can make to elevate the experience.

Selecting the Appropriate Toy

Two essential criteria make a sex toy suitable for the bath.

The first and most apparent requirement is that it should be waterproof. Not all toys possess this quality, despite appearances. Even if a toy is entirely coated in silicone, its charging port may not withstand submersion.

Certain toys are merely water-resistant—an excellent attribute for easy cleaning, but not designed for total immersion in a tub.

Therefore, verify your favorite toys' specifications to ensure they are conducive to bath use.

The second requirement is selecting a toy that doesn't necessitate excessive friction.

Water in a bath can dilute natural lubrication, potentially making the use of insertable toys less comfortable. Dildos and rabbits can still be used with additional effort and patience. You can also apply silicone lube, which won't be easily washed away.

However, I find it more straightforward to play with toys that don't require additional lubrication—a waterproof clitoral vibrator can be an excellent choice. If you enjoy using one in bed, you will undoubtedly appreciate it in the bath.

Personally, I find great pleasure in using clitoral suction toys. While they may sometimes feel intense, their stimulation becomes more manageable underwater, leading to even more potent orgasms.

Convert Your Phone into a Repository of Erotica

The bath serves as an ideal location to immerse oneself in various forms of erotic media.

You're already relaxed and in a heightened state of arousal, enabling you to fully enjoy full-length porn scenes without skipping narrative parts.

Playing audio porn or reading erotic literature without interruptions is possible in this serene environment.

So, ensure all your arousal-inducing content is easily accessible on your phone.

Pre-load your desired audio porn. Keep sufficient reading material to last until your bath ends. And ensure your phone browser is logged into your preferred pornographic sites.

I avoid the frustration of logging in by keeping shortcuts to my most-visited porn sites on my home screen.

The less time you spend searching for stimulating content, the quicker you can reach an aroused state. Thus, it's essential to prepare beforehand.

Maintain Tub Cleanliness

Admittedly, chores are seldom associated with sexiness. But maintaining cleanliness is integral to enjoying your intimate moments.

It's crucial to keep your bathtub spotless, the mirror clean, and the countertop clutter-free. Even a quick sweep of the bathroom floor can enhance your experience.

A clean environment enables relaxation and facilitates the wandering of your mind.

If your bathroom requires cleaning, attend to it promptly. A consistent cleaning routine will undeniably elevate your solo sessions' enjoyment.

Ensure Absolute Privacy

Privacy is a given. If you cohabit, locking the bathroom door is probably an ingrained practice.

However, if other people are in your home, door-locking might not suffice.

Knowing someone may be eavesdropping or could potentially knock on the door is certainly a mood killer.

Thus, ensure you have genuine privacy—not just uninterrupted time in the bath, but a period where you won't be disturbed.

Usually, I communicate my intent to my husband, who then keeps the children occupied, ensuring they don't intrude.

If an innocent fib helps secure this privacy—such as claiming a headache or a need for quiet—then there's no harm in doing so, especially if it facilitates a series of satisfying orgasms.

Dim the Overhead Lights

Bathroom lighting is ideal for daily routines like applying makeup, but it can diminish the sensual atmosphere.

Should you have other lighting options, consider those instead.

For instance, if your bathroom has decent natural light, indulge in solo time before it gets too dark. Alternatively, lighting candles can create a relaxing ambiance, setting the perfect mood for bath time pleasure.

Immerse, Enjoy, and Savor

The combination of bathing and self-pleasure pairs wonderfully well.

You're alone, utterly relaxed, and your skin is soft and slippery to the touch—it's an ideal setup for arousal.

Why not take full advantage of it?

Prepare a warm bath, accompany it with a favorite sex toy, and reward yourself with a climax that makes the water ripple with pleasure.