4 Sex Positions to Use for Chronic Pain

How to Achieve Sexual Pleasure Without Experiencing Pain

Have you ever heard of the piledriver sex position? It is a position that you may have seen in porn, but probably have not tried. In this position, the woman is upside down with her shoulders, neck, and the back of her head against the floor while her back is resting against a bed, couch, or sex bench. The man maneuvers himself above her and begins thrusting into her vagina or anus. While this position may look good on camera and puts the woman's body on full display, it is not comfortable or easy to pull off.

For people with chronic pain like myself, many sex positions can be painful if done for too long. My body is fragile and gets hurt easily, which means I have had to modify certain positions to work with my pain. The following are the four main positions I use to enjoy sex without experiencing pain.

Doggystyle Down Low

I love being taken from behind, but I avoided the doggystyle position for years. I only did it when the urge became too strong to resist, and even then, it didn't last long. Sometimes, I couldn't even achieve orgasm. The pressure on my wrists was too much, so I had to switch positions almost as soon as I got on my hands and knees. It wasn't until I discovered the problem and found a solution that everything changed.

Now, I don't get on my hands and knees anymore. Instead, I get on my knees and elbows, or even completely face down if I'm feeling extra slutty. This shift in position relieves the pressure on my wrists and allows me to fully enjoy the experience of getting pounded. Using my elbows makes arching my back feel more natural, and I find it fun and submissive to keep myself low while pushing my ass up in the air. Overall, there isn't really any downside to this position.

Off the Bed Cowgirl

Cowgirl position wasn't a big part of my sexual repertoire due to several excuses I used to talk myself out of it. Sometimes, I felt too self-conscious bouncing in full display, or I just wanted to take it easy and be lazy. Occasionally, I even enjoyed being a pillow princess. However, the most significant obstacle was the physical toll it took on my body. Though I could do squats during workouts, being on top during sex proved challenging on my joints, causing my legs to ache soon after starting. I was determined to find a solution to enjoy cowgirl position without discomfort.

It turned out that I didn't have to give up cowgirl position at all - I just had to do it off the bed. When I straddle my husband on the couch or a chair, everything works perfectly. I can fuck him as long as I want without tapping out because of discomfort. The same is true for doing cowgirl off the edge of the bed, with my feet on the ground and my husband leaning off the edge. I can give him my best reverse cowgirl. Interestingly, his position and the way I have to hold myself make all the difference. Something about his body being bent at the waist a bit instead of lying flat seems to make cowgirl position effortless and enjoyable again.

Propped Up Missionary

While I can usually handle plain and simple missionary position without any modifications, there are times when I need to use a wedge to make it more comfortable and pleasurable. If I'm already feeling worn down, if I ache from another position I did first, or if I think I'm going to get pounded for an extended period, it's time to pull out the big guns.

Using a wedge under my hips keeps my body at the perfect angle with no effort, making missionary so much more comfortable. Even with my legs getting pushed back and getting fucked hard, it's super easy on my body. Unlike some modifications that can make me feel like I'm missing out a bit, using a wedge for missionary position not only makes it more comfortable but also more pleasurable. The penetration is deeper, the thrusts more stimulating, and the dick hits just right - making my body feel amazing.

Spooning All Night Long

Spooning sex is the position I always count on. This position feels good any way we do it, without any discomfort or pain. I could get spooned for an hour straight without having to switch to a different position. Whenever my joints start to ache, or I feel pain creeping in, it's time to be a little spoon. I tap out of whatever I was doing, get on my side, hold my leg up, and take as much dick as I want.

This position is perfect for taking it deep, making it easy for my husband to rub my pussy while he fucks me. Also, I can use a vibrator while enjoying his dick fully. It's a decent position for pussyjobs, and my husband can squeeze my hips, play with my tits, or pull out and put it in my ass, if I'm in the mood for it. Regardless, it just feels perfect. I'd undoubtedly want to get spooned every time I fuck, even if my body wasn't so fragile.

You Don't Need Pain With Your Pleasure

I firmly believe that sex should not hurt. However, it can be tough when dealing with chronic pain, as some typical sex positions can do a number on your body. After experimenting and trying different approaches, I found ways to enjoy sex without experiencing pain. Although I cannot engage in all the athletic and pornographic positions, I can still get a good fuck and achieve solid orgasms.

Unfortunately, I had to modify some basic sex positions to make them manageable, like getting on my hands and knees for a pounding. Although modifying sex positions can be discouraging, the payoff is well worth it. The primary goal is getting a good fuck and achieving pleasure, even if it means using a wedge or other modifications to get there.